Sylvain Viau

founder & creative producer

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Sylvain Viau has an impressive track record in management of international productions as well as in creative development, two skills rarely found in the same person. Recognized by his peers, Sylvain has a vision and leadership abilities that set him apart as an entrepreneur. For Iceworks, Sylvain brings acquired or recently developed intellectual properties, maintains several European production and distribution contacts and, with new challenges looming on the horizon, has gathered an experienced advisory committee to help him in his decision making.


IceWorks is a new startup producing feature films for cinema :

Movies in co-production

We are open to all types of opportunities or collaboration. Point in fact, we are looking for strong Canadian and international partners with which we could grow and evolve on the long term.

We also offer an expertise of more than 15 years in management of tax credits for feature films and TV series (Quebec and Canada).

Fiction and animated movies

During the initial years of operation, we will focus on developing projects in-house, based on properties owned internationally.

For certain promising projects, we will develop the international potential of the property through TV, web or publishing before exploiting it as a feature film.


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+1 514 994 1204


817 Rue Principale Ouest
Magog, Quebec, Canada
J1X 2B4


    IceWorks will be at the following events in 2020/ 2021:

    14~19 JUNE 2021. - ANNECY FESTIVAL

    Annecy, France
    Film festival & Film market

    9~10 OCTOBER 2021 - MIPJUNIOR

    Cannes, France
    Film festival

    11~14 OCTOBER 2021 - MIPCOM

    Cannes, France 
    International film market


    Miami, USA
    TV market for children

    • International

    • Avant-garde

    • Entertaining

    About us

    Iceworks: a vision with international outreach

    Within the next 10 years, IceWorks aspires to position itself as the Canadian reference for production and distribution of internationally successful feature films. With a mission to entertain the family and the general audience, IceWorks uses an "avant-garde" artistic approach and cutting-edge digital technologies.


    Iceworks aims to produce concepts based on scripts written for the international market. We promote the creative development of well known properties internationally.


    We use new digital technologies in the creative development of our productions. Whether it applies to special effects, 2D/3D animation or a hybrid mix, we surpass the limits of the current applicability of technologies to entertain and surprise the movie lover.


    Our creative approach is prominent in each of our productions. We offer entertainment to the family and the general audience with fictions or animated movies in which comedy is also omnipresent.